Lifestyle Floors Regents Park

If you love natural oak flooring, but are afraid of its heavy maintenance demands, the Lifestyle Floors Regents Park range is all you need! These floors combine the splendid beauty and warmth of natural wood floors with the practical maintenance advantages of laminate flooring.

With the Lifestyle Floors Regents Park range, you get a floor that looks stunning and is extremely easy to maintain making it a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.

The resemblance of these floors to natural Oak is simply incredible! From light and pale to medium and dark, there is every shade to suit your aesthetic taste and your interior decor. Details such as grains, dents and rings are wonderfully visible giving the floor a highly authentic wood look.

These floors can create the desired mood for any room. They are perfect for kitchens, halls, lounges, dining areas and living rooms.

The Lifestyle Floors Regents Park range is available in planks measuring 1261mm x 189mm x 8mm and feature a warranty of 20 years. These floors use a simple click system for installation wherein planks are clicked into place to offer a flawless fit and finish. This method makes installation quick easy and mess-free.

The Lifestyle Floors Regents Park floors come with a square edge detailing. This design imparts a beautiful seamless effect to the floor. These floors are perfect if you are looking for a minimalist yet stylish design!

Cleaning these floors is no hard work at all! They are spill-proof by design. Simply include a routine of daily dry mopping and periodic wet mopping to have the floor clean and good-looking for many years.

The square-edge design eliminates gaps in between planks, which prevents dust and dirt from getting trapped in the grooves, easing maintenance further.

Lifestyle Floors is reputed for designing floors that meet buyers’ contemporary lifestyle needs. Lifestyle Floors Regents Park lives up to the brand’s impeccable reputation!
Adding to the marvellous benefits of the floors is Lifestyle Flooring UK’s lowest price deals. Explore this fantastic range at our online store, today!