Lifestyle Floors Kensington

Lifestyle Floors Kensington is an ace collection of laminate floors, each stunning in appearance and highly practical for everyday use. Featuring a 10-year warranty, these floors measure 1261mm x 192.5mm x 7mm.
Lifestyle Floors Kensington come with an AC3 grade wear rating.

This means that these floors are great for heavy domestic use. They can tolerate the stress of daily living with great strength. You can use these floors in kitchens, lounge areas, halls, bedrooms and dining spaces.

Consisting of floors reflecting breathtaking wood effects, the Lifestyle Floors Kensington range is one of the most popular and fastest-moving products. There is the classic oak effect, beautiful Maple charm, warm Beech style and the lively Autumn Cherry mood to create your desired style.

With Lifestyle Floors Kensington floors, the stunning beauty of wood can be experienced and enjoyed without any of its drawbacks. These floors are not easily damaged by exposure to water or other liquids. They are softer and comfortable underfoot, which makes long periods of standing, convenient. These floors are compatible with underfloor heating to keep your interiors warmer and cosy when needed.

It is easier to clean Kensington laminate floors. They are, by virtue of their design, resistant to scratches, dents, stains and moisture. Regular cleaning using a mop or soft-bristled broom keeps dry dust and dirt away. Damp mopping can help remove stubborn stains and dirt. Clean up any spills immediately to retain the floor’s exquisite visual appeal intact and enhance its life.

Unlike natural wood floors, Kensington floors are not prone to fading. They do not need expensive floor treatments such as sanding to keep looking good.
The Kensington range from Lifestyle Floors promotes good health too! They have a non-porous design, which prevents trapping of dust and other particulate matter within the floor. This is helpful for people with allergies. With their moisture resistance properties, they control the growth of mould and prevent associated health risks.

For a modern homeowner looking for great looks, low maintenance and affordability, Lifestyle Floors Kensington presents an irresistible option. Lifestyle Flooring UK adds to the attraction of Kensington with its incredible low-price offers. Order a free sample at our online store, today!