Lifestyle Floors Belgravia

Lifestyle Floors is the UK’s favourite floor maker, well-known for designing floors that match contemporary lifestyles. The Belgravia range from Lifestyle Floors is no less than stunning in looks and performance!

The Lifestyle Floors Belgravia range consists of 6 incredible Oak wood shades, each wonderfully realistic in its looks, depth and details. The floors impart the classic appeal of hardwood floors without losing their stylishness.

Belgravia consists of different varieties of Oak, which bring their uniqueness and mood to the interiors. The Vauxhall Oak, for example, imparts a uniquely soft, alternate light-dark lavender-ish effect that is instantly captivating.

The unique mood they create makes Lifestyle Floors Belgravia floors suitable for most interior spaces including halls, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, lounges and landing areas. These floors are extremely durable and feature a 20-year warranty.

Each plank measures 2039mm x 238mm x 8mm. Installation is simple and easy thanks to the click-to-lock method wherein planks fit into each other with a simple click. As there is no need of glue, the installation is mostly clean and less messy.

These planks feature a bevelled edge detail. These bevelled edges can be seen as V-grooves around the planks. This design delineates each plank, outlining their boundaries. This adds to the wood effect of the floor, enhancing its wood-like authenticity.

The Lifestyle Floors Belgravia range is easy to maintain. These floors are tough enough to handle the stress and strain of everyday floor use, and spills can be wiped off easily. A routine of daily sweeping and periodic damp mopping keeps the floor clean and new.

These floors are moisture-resistant, which makes them resistant to damage resulting from exposure to moisture. Resistance to moisture also controls the growth of mould and potential health risks arising due to such exposure.

The Belgravia range feels comfortable underfoot. So if your routine involves long periods of standing, these floors can make the chore easier for you. These floors go with underfloor heating systems too.

Lifestyle Floors Belgravia floors are a great match for today’s hectic lifestyle. They are great to look at, come with minimal demands and are highly affordable.
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