Kardean Flooring

Kardean flooring is the ideal option if you’re looking for a flooring solution which offers both versatility and affordability. Karndean is easy to install and long lasting but provides a luxurious look and feel. At Lifestyle Floors UK, we have a great range of both wood and stone effect Kardean flooring suitable for almost any room in the house.

Why Karndean?

Karndean has the effect to make any room spectacular with a great natural and authentic look. There are also large amounts of colours and styles available so it means there is something suitable for any room. In addition to the visual look of Karndean, it also provides a number of practicality benefits which makes maintenance very easy. Simply mopping Karndean on a regular basis will keep the condition of the floor looking great for many years.

Browse our Art Select woods and stone ranges to find out the different types of Karndean flooring products we offer.